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Programme Policies

Programme Cancellation / Postponement

SMU Academy | Human Capital, Management & Leadership (SMUA-HCML) reserves the right to cancel or postpone any programme due to unforeseen circumstances. In the event that a programme is cancelled or rescheduled and the fee has been paid, SMUA-HCML will refund the nett programme fee received.



Registration will typically close 2 weeks before the programme commencement date.
A place in the programme will be reserved for you upon receipt of your successful registration. The reservation of the seat is based on trust and the personal responsibility of the applicant or company who had registered for the programme. Any change to the registration status, such as substitution, deferment or cancellation, should be sent to SMUA-HCML as soon as practicable, in writing (email:


Substitution, Deferment and Cancellation Policies

As SMUA-HCML’s programmes are regularly fully subscribed, late notice deferment or cancellation often result in financial loss for the centre, as we are unable to remarket the seat that had been previously reserved, to another interested applicant / company on short notice. As for substitution, such changes will entail additional administrative tasks. Accordingly, the following policies and charges will apply in the aforesaid circumstances, except for compassionate or medical grounds:


2 weeks and prior to the programme commencement – no charge
Within 2 weeks prior to the programme commence – 5% of programme fee*


Cancellation Policy
* Before any form of funding e.g. WSQ Course Fee Grant


Deferment is only permitted on compassionate or medical grounds.

For cases on compassionate or medical reasons, relevant proof or documents must be submitted to SMUA-HCML to substantiate the grounds.



There will strictly be no refund of programme fees if notification for withdrawal is received after programme commencement.


Assessment and Re-assessment
(For Certification Programmes)

To safeguard the integrity of the assessments and ensure that the assessment / re-assessment process is fair for all participants, the following policies and procedures will be enforced: 

  • Programme / Module assessments are scheduled by SMUA-HCML after careful considerations. Training / Classes that meet at the same time during a particular period will have a common assessment time. Other than compassionate or medical reasons (which require relevant proof / documentation), all requests for rescheduling of assessment date or time will incur a rescheduling fee of SGD481.50 (incl. 7% GST) per programme that is 2 days and longer, or SGD214.00 (incl. 7% GST) per 1-day programme.
  • Request for changes to the assessment date or time must be sent to SMUA-HCML as soon as practicable and in writing (email:  The re-scheduling fee must be paid before a new assessment date / time will be arranged.   The re-scheduled assessment date/time has to take place within 10 working days from the original assessment date and will be held on a weekday and time as advised by SMUA-HCML. No rescheduling of assessment(s) would be entertained if the request is received under 8 hours of the actual assessment date/time, other than compassionate or medical grounds (which require relevant proof / documentation).
  • Assessments are carefully graded by the respective instructors and meticulously reviewed by the Programme Committee before the results are released to the participants on a personal basis. SMUA-HCML has also put in place several checks and balances to ensure that the assessment processes are conducted with due care and attention. The decision made by the Programme Committee is final and SMUA-HCML does not accept any request for remarking or re-grading of the paper/assessment.
  • Unlike in class exercises or assignments, which are designed to reinforce learning, the final assessment serves to assess a participant’s understanding of the subject matter. As such, requests for the return or review of assessment scripts will not be entertained.
  • If a participant fails to make the passing grade of a particular assessment, he / she will be given the opportunity retake the assessment at a fee of SGD481.50 (incl. 7% GST) for 2 / 3-day programme or SGD214.00 (incl. 7% GST) for 1-day programme. If he / she fails the first re-assessment, he / she will be requested to pay/top up the training fees in full (for government subsidised programmes). Upon paying the programme fees in full, the participant will be permitted to attempt a second and final re-assessment at the fee of SGD481.50 (incl. 7% GST) for 2 / 3-day programme or SGD214.00 (incl. 7% GST) for 1-day programme within 12 months. However, in order to sit for the second re-assessment, the participant will be requested to attend the entire training (at no additional cost) again with a new class. He / She will then sit for the second re-assessment with the new class. Upon passing of the second re-assessment, the portion of the fee that is government subsidised, will then be refunded.
  • If a participant chooses to drop out of the training prior to successful completion, or chooses not to sit for a re-assessment (whether it’s the first or second re-assessment) at any time, he/she will be requested to pay / top up the training fees in full (for government subsidised programmes) and will not be entitled to any certificates or Statements of Attainment (SOAs).
  • The first re-assessment has to be taken within 2 weeks after the notification of result. The first re-assessment will be held on a weekday specified by SMUA-HCML and conducted from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.
  • Each participant is allowed up to a maximum of 2 re-assessments per module / programme, in accordance with the policies spelt out above.
  • The re-assessment / assessment rescheduling fee of SGD481.50 (incl. 7% GST) for 2 / 3-day programme or SGD214.00 (incl. 7% GST) for 1-day programme per attempt is not supported by the WSQ Course Fee Grant.


Re-issuance of Certificate

  • A participant who lost or misplaced his / her certificate can send a request to SMUA-HCML in writing (email: for a re-issuance of certificate at the following charges:

             HR Graduate Certification /                                                                              SGD25 per certificate*
             Executive Certificate in Leadership & People Management                 (Optional certificate folder at $10 each*)

             Other programmes under the Professional Management                    SGD15 per certificate*
             Toolkit Series                                                                                                        (Optional certificate case at $5 each*)

             * Price excludes prevailing GST

  • Please note that the participant’s name reflected on the re-printed certificate will be as per the original copy.  SMUA-HCML will only consider to make a change if it is due to official reason e.g. deed poll.
  • As re-issuance of certificate requires the management’s approval, it will take up to 2 weeks for the re-printed certificate to be ready.
  • The abovementioned is not applicable to the SMU-SingHealth Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management & Leadership programme and BCA-SMU-SSG Advanced Management Programme on Productivity & Leadership Development.  For enquiry on re-issuance of certificate for these 2 programmes, please email or call +65 6808 5361.


Use of Personal Information

By registering for the programme, participant has given his / her permission:

  • for the information he / she has submitted to be used by SMU and its co-organisers / partners, funding agency e.g. SSG and e2i and / or government agencies when necessary, in accordance with and to the fullest extent permitted by prevailing law and such policies which SMU may have at the relevant time.
  • for any photographs or videos taken by SMU’s staff and feedback / testimonial collected during the course to be used by SMU for training or marketing purposes. 


Collection of Certificate

Collection Timeframe

  • SMUA-HCML will notify participant via email to collect his / her certificate when it is ready, subject to the participant fulfilling the programme requirements and course fee payment.  In general, certificates will be ready for collection around 4 weeks after the programme completion date.
  • Certificates which are not collected within 6 months upon notification will be destroyed. 

    Request for re-issuance of certificate is possible, but has to be made in writing to SMUA-HCML (email: and at the following charges below. As re-issuance of certificate requires the management’s approval, it will take up to 2 weeks for the re-printed certificate to be ready.

             HR Graduate Certification /                                                                              SGD25 per certificate*
             Executive Certificate in Leadership & People Management                 (Optional certificate folder at $10 each*)

             Other programmes under the Professional Management                    SGD15 per certificate*
             Toolkit Series                                                                                                        (Optional certificate case at $5 each*)

             * Price excludes prevailing GST


Collection Modes

Certificate can only be collected through one of the methods below. No other methods will be entertained.  

  • Self-Collection (personally or by authorised proxy) at SMU Academy Office:

    SMU Academy
    Singapore Management University
    School of Accountancy Building
    60 Stamford Road, Level 4
    Singapore 178900

    Nearest MRT Stations: Bras Basah (CC2), Exit B / City Hall (NS25/EW13), Exit B

    Click here for the map             

    - Please check your certificate at the point of collection to ensure that all details (e.g. name, programme name and dates) are printed correctly. 

    - For collection by proxy, please provide us with the (i) name of the authorised person / courier and (ii) his / her identification number for verification purpose. SMUA-HCML will not release the certificate to the proxy if (i) and (ii) are not provided or do not match at the point of verification.


  • Collection during Next Module / Class
    (Applicable for HR Graduate Certification / Executive Certificate in Leadership & People Management programmes only)

    For the last module’s certificate, please refer to ‘Collection at SMU Academy Office' above.



  • Collection during Graduation Ceremony
    (Applicable for HR Graduate Certification / Executive Certificate in Leadership & People Management / SingHealth-SMU GDHM / BCA-SMU-SSG AMP only)

    For graduates who are unable to attend the graduation ceremony, please collect at SMU Academy Office after receiving the ‘Certificate Collection’ email notification.   


Collection Time

Monday to Friday                          8.30am - 5.45pm
(except for public holidays)

Please notify the Programme Coordinator or the office ( of your collection date and time at least 1 day in advance. 


Please click here for frequently asked questions.

Last updated on 07 Dec 2018 .