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What Participants Say

Certified HR Analytical Professional

“I enjoyed and learned much of multiple and logistic regressions as I can apply to reviewing my compensation and benefits schemes.”

Edmund Puey
HR Director
AET Tankers


“Dr. Raymond Teo is one of the best teachers in clarifying and explaining statistical techniques and concepts I've ever encountered.”

Beatrice Tan
Programme Chair
Republic Polytechnic


“The course provided me sufficient knowledge on analytics to be able to start doing analytics on HR data.  The examples also gave good bases for me to kickstart some simple projects.”

Yee Lishan
Manger HR Services
Singapore Airlines


“Raymond is an exceptional trainer, full of passion and has certainly infused that in me.”

Sivakumar Machap
Learning Partner, South East Asia


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HR Analytics Certificate: Using Analytics to Improve People Decisions

“Extremely clear explanations and insightful, and applicable tips by Prof Teo.  Would recommend this course to all HR professionals.”

Deborah Ng
Assistant Manager (Talent Development)
Ministry of Communications and Information


“Thanks for the wonderfully organised programme.”

Ruby Nahar
Assistant Manager
Global Indian International School


“Excellent trainer!”

Goh Siew Siew
Senior Assistant Director
Ministry of Education
“Love some of the examples, range was good to include various industries (tech, finance etc). Very relevant materials.”

Cassandra Lum
Senior HR Specialist
Twitter Asia Pacific
“Dr Raymond Teo was extremely systematic in delivering the topics which was crucial in helping me understand key concepts and grasping analytical methods.  Case studies were extremely helpful.”

Jasmine Tan
Audit Talent Manager
Deloitte & Touche 
“Trainer has a passion and is clearly seen from his engagement and additional help offered.”

Lynette Tan
HR Manager, Systems & Analytics
Schenker (Asia Pacific)

“Use of case studies helps in understanding and application of the concepts.”

Alethea Liew
Assistant Director 
Ministry of Education


“The usage of Excel to apply some analytical methods is useful.”

Annie Hon
Regional HR Consultant, Asia
Jardine Lloyd Thompson


“Case study of how analytics was applied in organisation in revolving real people matters challenges. Software application of modeling and most importantly the use of Excel to do simple data analysis. These were most useful.”

Daphne Wee
Assistant Director
Public Service Division


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Middle Managers’ Role in Strategy Implementation: The Lynchpin of Success

“The programme helps to visualise how managers can implement strategies in a more effective way.”

Nafisah Binte Zakari
Senior Executive, Singapore Mediation Centre
Singapore Academy of Law
“Value in making it so clear that the implementation is key!”

Sharon Tan
Vice President, HR/OD Asia
Grohe Pacific Pte Ltd
“The trainer himself was the greatest value as his delivery was engaging and very interactive.”

Jasmynne Shi
Senior Executive, Awareness, Communications & Education
Breast Cancer Foundation
“It’s an eye opener to know how important is the role of middle manager in strategy implementation.”

Joey Oh
Senior Property Executive
DTZ Facilities & Engineering (S) Limited
“Given me a check and balance on what I am adopting. It will definitely help my organisation.”

Eric Wan
Sales Manager
Jason Electronics Pte Ltd
“The ability to implement a strategy well is crucial to the success of the strategy.  The implementation compass is a very valuable tool.”

Jasmine Teo
Group CSR Manager
“A more systematic way of improving implementation, especially the role of the leaders and middle managers.  I like the “Square Wheel” analogy.”

Koh Kok Sin
Director (OD & Admin)
NTUC FairPrice
“Give me a fresh perspective on strategy and implementation in an R&D organisation.”

Lai Kin Seng
DSO National Laboratories
“Unravel many insights about better middle management.”

Andrew Mun
IT Infrastructure Manager

Chubb Pacific Underwriting Management Services
“It has provided a practical and tested framework to implement strategy meaningfully and effectively.”

Wu Tuck Leong
Head of Risk & Compliance

Emirates National Oil Company (Singapore)


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Executive Certificate in Leadership and People Management

“Excellent facilitators. Would join more modules.”

Ken Lim
Hilton Worldwide
“Thanks SMU for organising this sort of useful training in Singapore.”

Tong ZiQian
Board Director
Pfizer Singapore Trading 
“New insight. Show practical approach.”

Ken Liew
General Manager
Wing Tai Retail
“Models, use of corporate terminology & thinking were very real, practical and relevant... Facilitator is very experienced and engaging!”

Goh Choo Beng
Medical Director

“Very, very insightful. Excellent choice of presenter / trainer.  A big thank you to all organisers! Well done!!!”

Isaac Tan
General Manager

Big 3 Productions
“All topics were useful as each of them had content that was thought provoking and to take back to real life.”

Guruswamy Mani
Country Manager
Reed Specialist Recruitment Malaysia Sdn Bhd
“Kudos to the trainer.  Eliza Quek puts much of effort and sincerity in her class and teaching.  Her knowledge is amazing.”

Nelieth Raghu Nambiar
Head, Pizza Hut Operations
Pizza Hut Singapore


“Assessment lab with each team doing presentation at the end of each day is great.”

Lim Yong Wah
Director, Project Management
Dou Yee International


“Overall, the programmes are intensive but beneficial.  Environment is conducive, facilitators are experienced, participants are strong and coordinators are efficient.”

Goy Soon Heng
HR & Operations Director
CD Imaging


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SMU-WDA CXO Symposium Series II on Productivity, Service and Innovation

“It gives me the confidence of kicking off the productivity initiatives. Before this, I had been sitting on it for months and wonder how I should approach it.”

Lai Keng Wei
Mazars LLP
“Just go, you will learn something valuable.”

Lum Wan Tat, Ricky
Employability Coach
Employment & Employability Institute (e2i)
“New insight. Show practical approach.”

Ken Liew
General Manager
Wing Tai Retail
“Many practical aspects to bring back to workplace.”

Monica Choo
General Manager

Yoshinoya (S) Pte Ltd
“Great insights+Examples on management practices. Content+Case Study model is a great way to learn.”

John Ryan
Managing Director

Watermark Consulting
“Provided in-depth insights on the productivity concepts and identify what are the best management practices to boost productivity and improve actual performance.”

Lilian Yew

Raffles Hospital
“Looking at productivity in a whole new level. Being able to implement productivity and make it happen. That this process, can be easy if you know how.”

Charmaine Wee
General Manager

New Majestic Hotel


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HR Graduate Certification Programme

“A very good programme with experienced trainer that is willing to impart knowledge.”

Ivy Neo
Deputy Director, HR Shared Services & Systems
Singapore Sports Council

“I have discovered many management tools that I can’t wait to apply in practice.”

Krystian Oppenheim
Rewards & Performance Consultant, Central & Eastern Europe
Aon Hewitt

“I was looking for a HR course that would not take too long to complete. This programme is ideal because I can take few modules over six months. I am not just looking for a certificate; what I want is practical HR skills and knowledge to improve myself. In terms of reputation and content, SMU stands out in all respects.”
Note: Wei Wei has already obtained 2 master degrees and had taken other provider’s HR training programs in the past.

Lee Wei Wei
Deputy Director, HR
National Library Board

“Absolutely delighted. I paid $4k for a course by another HR training provider which I decided was a waste of my time after 2 days.  This course was enriching and had a good group of sharers.”

Anne Tan
Tetra Pak South East Asia

“The energy and curiosity dynamics in this class is great! Interactions was easy and participants came with open mind to learn and share.”

Wendy Wong
Assistant Director
National Council of Social Service

“The most wholesome training on L&D ever.  Very well outlined and complete.”

Melvin Lau
Senior HR Executive
HSL Constructor

“All were very beneficial! Very easy to relate to and comprehend.”

S. Logamathi
HR Manager

“Well organised. Well recommended.”

Joyce Tsai
Trimax Connections


“Learning best practices and current trend in performance evaluation and management. It caters to mid-career and HR professionals learning gaps and programme structure suits the busy schedule.”

Sharon Ho
HR & Business Senior Manager
ConocoPhillips Asia Ventures Pte Ltd

“The programme gives me necessary tools to perform my job. SMU has been very good in facilitating learning.”

Henry Garciso
Senior Executive, Corporate Services
MSIG Holdings (Asia) Pte Ltd


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SMU-SingHealth Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership (GDHM)

“Facilitators and course mates are fun and helpful people… The learning I had from this course is invaluable.”

Goh Meh Meh
Deputy Director, Nursing
Singapore General Hospital

“The SMU-SingHealth Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management & Leadership is an excellent course in every way. Not only does it cover important aspects of strategy, operations, crisis management and financial management; relevant to healthcare organisations; the programme also serves as a great platform to develop friendships, collaborative efforts and a common purpose in forwarding the health of our Nation.”

Jonathan Choo
Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist
KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital

Learnt so many things in 4 months.  Very worth it.

Ong Seok Peng
Senior Pharmacist, Procurement Manager
St Andrew's Community Hospital

“This course was a good symbiosis of academic theories from the SMU faculty, synergistically aligned with ground knowledge and experience from healthcare experts.”

K Sharmila d/o P N Kannan
Director, Admin, Research Affairs & Support Services
Singapore Eye Research Institute

“The programme equips participants with leadership skills and holistic understanding of the economic environment healthcare operates.”

Chang Yok Ying
Pharmacy Practice Manager
National Cancer Centre Singapore

“The modules are very relevant to our work.  These are not taught in routine work.  The case study sessions/group work add a practical dimension to the course.”

Jacqueline Hwang
Senior Consultant, Pathology
Singapore General Hospital

“The spectrum of the topics covered, the real-life cases studied and discussed, the written assignments that were expected of us and the experienced lecturers who presented the topics were overall impressive.”

Angela Chen
Senior Manager, SingHealth Development
SingHealth HQ

“The interactive lessons, discussions and background readings open our minds to the many facets of healthcare leadership and management.  The friendships forged during the course will improve working relationship across institutions and departments with the organisation.”

Kwek Jin Wei
Senior Consultant, Department of Oncologic Imaging
National Cancer Centre Singapore

“For me, it gives a good perspective of management and leadership.  For organisations, it helps train their leaders to have a better understanding from the organisation’s perspective and ability to manage the department.”

Julia Eng
Assistant Director, Nursing

KK Women’s & Children’s Hospital

“The program is easy to understand and gives basic principles of healthcare management. It also touches on leadership and how to be an effective leader.  I am more aware when planning for pharmacy services as I can use the knowledge I have gained from the program.”

Angelina Tan
Senior Principal Pharmacist

Singapore General Hospital

“Widen my views on how a hospital management sees and decides on processes…It is beneficial for those keen to pursue a career in healthcare…”

Vasantha D/O Puthanthodiyil Gopala Krishnan
Senior Manager, Quality Assurance & Risk Management

National Heart Centre


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BCA-SMU-WDA Advanced Management Programme on Productivity and Leadership Development

“I get to meet many people from the same industry and we have really learned a lot from each other. From the assignments that we do in groups, we learn how to work as a team, teamwork is critical in the construction industry. The lecturer is really very good – we are inspired to think, to gather knowledge.”

Goh Ching Leong
General Manager
Fast Flow Singapore Pte Ltd


“This course is unique - it triggers our mindset to have a different kind of thinking. When we go back to our working environments, we have a new set of problem solving skills. It has shortened my learning curve as I’m able to tap on the experience of some of the top brains in the industry. In terms of technical knowledge, we’re there, because of our years of experience and training through universities. However, we’re dealing with a younger generation with a different way of handling information and communications. It’s a whole new ball game and what I’ve learnt here in people management is going to make a difference”.

Eric Ng
Senior Project Manager
KTC Civil Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd


“Attending this course made me step out of my comfort zone because I’m so caught up in day-to-day operations. Coming here, I realise that in the construction industry, we’re all facing common problems but in different contexts - staff retention, talent management and so on. It’s very interesting to be able to share with them and hear that something is happening because of a certain concept, and to find that the concept is actually covered in the course itself”. 

Chua Wee Li
Manager (Project)
Tiong Seng Contractors


“I joined this course thinking it’s all about productivity – in fact, it is far more wide ranging. Looking back at some of the work problems I’ve faced – I didn’t recognise the strengths and weaknesses of our operations and management until I encountered them in this course. I’ve learnt that it is very beneficial to stop, take a step back and look at things from a different perspective rather than getting caught in the rush of daily operations”.

Cillius Adrianto
Senior Maintenance Manager

Dragages Singapore Pte Ltd


“I came here expecting lecture sessions but was pleasantly surprised it’s more about sharing. I’ve benefitted a lot from the wide range of experiences, ranging from bosses to the young boy who shared a lot”. 

Sim Yong Meng
Project Manager
KTC Civil Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd


“We can relate the things that we learn here to our work experiences. The case studies are very relevant and helpful, take today’s case study for example – coincidentally, I’m working out KPIs for my staff, Through the discussions, I learnt the key points on what are the things to look out for in formulating KPIs. This course touches on many topics that top management is concerned about. It is also relevant to equip younger managers to move up the management hierarchy."

Siau Kim Boon
Senior Project Manager
Straits Construction Singapore Pte Ltd


“Even at an early stage of this course, I came to realise that the biggest theme is really about people, whether it is about learning from each other here or how to develop our own people. Even management issues like leadership, how to manage changes, still boils down to people - how you manage them to push through the changes. The value lies not just in the system, but in learning how to develop the system to get the people to buy in. That’s the key takeaway”. 

Chen Wei Kean
Executive Enginneer
Wee Guan Construction Pte Ltd


“Programme is relevant and useful especially on issue like BCA’s drive on productivity and BIM.”

Freddie Chua
Hainal-Konvi (S) Pte Ltd
“A good all-round programme with a lot of learning points.”

Olof Thoren
Project Director
Gammon Pte Ltd
“It has widen my knowledge on some of the readily available management tools that may be applicable in the property development sector.”

Lai Kok Heng
City Developments Limited
“It enlightens me with right tools and strategies to be a good leader.”

Zaw Min Htun
Senior Project Manager

APP Engineering Pte Ltd


“This course helps me to confront reality and change values, habits, practices and priorities of my sandbox, in order to deal with the real threat or the real opportunity to maximise performance, profitability and sustainable growth.”
Lee Chin Leong
Vice President

Ascendas Services Pte Ltd
“The key feature of the program is that it is geared towards the construction industry.  The various modules have equipped us with the relevant knowledge and skills to be applied to enhance productivity and leadership within the firm.”
Kelvin Ng

Langdon & Seah

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Advanced Communication Strategies: How to Influence People and Get What You Want

“I came to the programme thinking it is a presentation skills workshop but I gotten much more in terms of getting the message right and strategy correct when communicating to people.”

Wayne Law
Finance Director
Dragon Geophysical Pte Ltd

“Intense, thought-provoking, useful tips and pointers.”

Elizabeth Sheares
Senior Manager (Legal Publications)
Singapore Academy of Law


Arsh Deep Singh Bindra
GM, Finance
OLAM International


“It meets my real life and working needs. Not just an ols theoretical/philosophical study.”

Gan Eng Chuan
Optimisation Coordinator
Phillips 66 Intnl Trading Pte Ltd

“Confidence building for all sides of life.”

Sunny Deo
Associate Creative Director
GREY Group Asia Pacific


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SMU-WDA CXO Symposium Series on Productivity, Service and Innovation

Hear how participants, facilitator and guest speaker feel. Click on the image to view the video clip:

“Seeing and understanding innovation subject being brought to “live” in a different perspective by an innovative speaker!”

Phua Sian Chin
Techno International Inc Ltd
“Very good value.  Affordable and good quality programs.”

See Pei San
General Manager
Far East Pte Ltd
“The course duration is just right, and the speakers make the course very interesting.”

Katherine Foo
Resorts World Sentosa Pte Ltd
“Great ideas from great facilitators.”

Emmanuel Zehnder
Executive Assistant Manager

Swissotel Merchant Court, Singapore


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Last updated on 20 Apr 2018 .