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  SMU-SingHealth Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership (GDHM)     

The first and only programme of its kind in Singapore, the SMU–SingHealth GDHM aims to nurture highly competent and focused healthcare professionals into holistic and broadminded business leaders in the healthcare sector. The programme was conceptualised and co-designed by senior leaders from SMU and SingHealth.

Mod 1: Strategy & Global Healthcare Landscape 19 – 22 Jun 2017   Closed
Mod 2: Leadership & People Management 10 – 13 Jul 2017   Closed
Mod 3: Aligning Healthcare Strategy & Customer Value Delivery 31 Jul, 1 – 3 Aug 2017   Closed
Mod 4: Health Economics & Financial Management  21 – 24 Aug 2017 Open for Registration Now
Mod 5: Operations Excellence & Quality Management 11 – 14 Sep 2017   Open for Registration Now
Mod 6: Ethics, Risk, Crisis & Media Management 2 – 5 Oct 2017   Open for Registration Now




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  BCA-SMU-SSG Advanced Management Programme on Productivity and Leadership Development      

The BCA-SMU-SSG Advanced Management Programme on Productivity and Leadership Development is a flagship programme tailored for the built environment industry. It aims to provide participants with a broader strategic vision of the construction business environment at a time when the industry is experiencing growing complexities and increased competitiveness. Drawing on the rich experience of industry leaders, this programme is part of BCA’s Built Environment Strategic Leadership Development initiative to develop a quality workforce which would anchor and advance the built environment industry.

Mod 1: Strategic Planning – Growth & Internationalisation 24 – 25 Mar 2017   Closed 
Mod 2: Enterprise Risk Management & Crisis Management 31 Mar – 1 Apr 2017   Closed
Mod 3: Successful Business Management & Key Account Management    7 – 8 Apr 2017   Closed
Mod 4: Finance for Decision Making & Control 28 – 29 Apr 2017   Closed
Mod 5: Legal Issues  5 May 2017   Closed
Mod 6: Driving Change & Opportunities in Building Innovations & Productivity 6 May 2017   Closed
Mod 7: Managing Professional Work Relationships & Cross Cultural Management 12 – 13 May 2017   Closed



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  SMU-SSG NextGen Leadership Series             

Aspiring to steer traditional family businesses into contemporary enterprises, what can SME’s next generation leaders do differently from the company founders to grow the company and yet not detract from the strategic intent?  SMU-SSG’s NextGen Leadership programme is designed to enhance the next generation leaders’ capacity to lead and innovate as they drive their companies to the next phase of growth.  The series aims to equip participants in the following areas to win in the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world of business.

Mod 1: Personal Effectiveness 6 – 7 Apr 2017   Closed
Mod 2: Team Efficacy 26 - 27 Apr 2017   Closed
Mod 3: Business Excellence 18 – 19 May 2017   Closed                   



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  SMU-IE Singapore Business Growth and International HRM Masterclasses 2016       

Especially designed for Singapore's growth enterprises, the suite of 3 Masterclasses aim to accelerate local business leaders and HR professionals' understanding of international human capital management to drive their organisations’ overseas growth. Case studies and leading industry practices will be shared. Highlights of what work in China and Indonesia in terms of good international HRM practices would also be discussed. Each Masterclass will be led by a subject matter expert with a panel of industry veterans to provide real world insights and applications.  Join us to find out how international business growth can be achieved through the right people decisions!

Masterclass 1: Global Trends that are Shaping the People Agenda 28 Jan 2016   Closed
Masterclass 2: International Mobility Management 29 Feb 2016   Closed
Masterclass 3: Global Rewards Strategy 22 Mar 2016   Closed                      



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  SMU-WDA CXO Symposium Series II on Productivity, Service and Innovation

Keeping closely to the spirit of providing companies with simple and cost effective ideas to boost productivity, service and innovation at the work place, the 2nd series aims to spur new thinking on the important role that business leaders play in creating the necessary environment to enhance performance, keep the customers and to embrace risks and opportunities. A new feature of the 2nd series would be the use of case studies to frame and guide the discussions. Join our thought leaders in exploring these action-packed topics:

Symposium 4: Leading Productivity –
The Leader’s Role
21 May 2014 Fully Subscribed
Symposium 5: Leading Service –
How to Keep Customers from
16 Jul 2014 Closed
Symposium 6: Leading Innovation –
Embracing Opportunities & Risks
10 Sep 2014 Fully Subscribed


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