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Competing on Customer Insights


Companies have invested heavily on customer insights and research activities. Some reports note that worldwide spending on such activities have exceeded US$30b. However, the returns on these investments differ substantially among companies. The key reasons for these differences lie in the kind of intelligence the insights bring and how these insights are being used. Top companies ensure every stage of the process is well managed. They then pursue such insights relentlessly and use these for strategic decision making in functions that span from marketing to customer service to human resources. For these companies, the benefits from research and insights investments outweigh the cost hundred-fold.

Seminar Objectives

The key objective of the seminar is to help managers achieve organisational transformation through the better use of insights. More specifically, the areas that will be addressed are:

  • The quality of insights. Insights are meaningful and useful for decision making only if they are accurate. There are many pitfalls that prevent good insights from being obtained and not having such data compromises decisions being made
  • The actionability of insights. Not all insights have the same degree of intelligence. Some insights tell us about our current status.
    Others are more actionable and tell us what we must do to improve outcomes. Companies should seek more of the latter.
  • The follow-through from insights. Assuming the insights obtained are good, then the differentiating element between organisations
    would be what they do with the insights. The best organisations have great follow-through.


Key Takeaways

  • Measure your company’s practices against those of top companies.
  • Improve your returns on research and insights investments.
  • Become a more evidence driven organisation.
  • Transform and create better marketplace outcomes for the company.


Seminar Approach

Case Study:  The Use of Insights in a B2C Company:  Challenges, Use of Insights and Operationalisation

This case study shows how a company* in a B2C industry has embraced the use of insights (through the use of modeling and predictive analytics) to improve its customer service and transform itself to become a major player in the industry.   The case examines the kinds of insights used and the operationalisation of the insights that led to better outcomes for the company in the region.

*The company in the case is a client of the speaker but in the presentation, its name will be masked.

Target Audience

Managers and senior managers in marketing, services, marketing research, human resource and IT functions who are trying to improve the competitiveness of their organisations as well as those who are looking to empower their decision making with better, actionable insights will find this seminar particularly useful.

Programme Schedule

31 July 2013

9.00am – 10.30am        Facilitator led session
10.30am – 11.00am      Light refreshments
11.00am – 12.00pm      Case study: The Use of Insights in a B2C Company: Challenges, Use of Insights and
12.00pm onwards         Wrap up

Singapore Management University
School of Social Sciences Building
90 Stamford Road, Seminar Room 4.1
Singapore 178903.



Dr. Teo co-founded Blue-dge in 2003 to help companies implement CRM effectively and to raise the level of competency among companies in the use of information for making better business decision. In 2005, London Weekly Telegraph regarded it as the “best-in-class, dynamic, exciting and shaking up the world of customer insights”. Other publications such as the Singapore Business Review had regarded his company as the ‘gem of top companies’. In 2009, Raymond won the Spirit of Enterprise award in Singapore.

He had not only helped many companies improve their ways of understanding the market and making better business decisions, but also global research giants develop consumer competitive intelligence products in the region. Today, his client list includes MNCs such as Canon, DuPont, GFK Asia, Hewlett Packard, EMC, Great Eastern Life and Lafarge Cement to name a few.

Dr. Teo is a thought-leader and consultant to companies seeking to implement CRM successfully in their organisation. Through the company he co-founded, he offers top-rated research to MNCs to help them with their growth. He is a highly sought-after speaker by international conference and seminar organisers in this specialised field.

Dr. Teo, who is a Chartered Marketer (CIM,UK), obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Western Australia, Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Strathclyde and Bachelor degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS). Raymond is with the adjunct faculty of Singapore Management University (SMU) and teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


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