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Certification Programmes

Executive Certificate in Leadership and People Management      

This programme explores the important management facets such as personal effectiveness in senior roles, leading strategies development and implementation, managing change in a diverse, challenging and rapidly evolving business environment, communicating effectively and developing talents. It is a dedicated programme for leaders and high potential managers to enhance their ability to manage with competence and lead for personal and organisational success.

Mod 1: Leadership for Strategic Impact 01 – 03 Oct 20187   Fully Subscribed
    16 – 18 Apr 20198 Fully Subscribed
Mod 2: Talent Management for Business Leaders 07 – 09 Nov 20187   Fully Subscribed
    22 – 24 May 20198   Fully Subscribed
Mod 3: Becoming a Whole Leader 05 – 07 Dec 20187   Fully Subscribed
    17 – 19 Jun 20198   Fully Subscribed
Mod 4:

Facilitating Innovation and Leading Change
(formerly known as Taking Risk out of Risk – for a Change!)

28 – 30 Jan 20197

26 – 28 Aug 20198



Fully Subscribed

5 Seats Left

Mod 5: Role of Effective Managers – Connecting the Dots! 27 Feb – 01 Mar 20197   4 Seats Left
    29 – 31 Jul 20198   Fully Subscribed
Mod 6: Driving Performance Excellence 18 – 20 Mar 20197   Fully Subscribed
    25 – 27 Sep 20198   Confirmed to Commence

(Superscript shows the intake no. e.g. YYYYstands for intake 8)

Waiting List: From time to time, seats in current or upcoming intakes may be opened up. Please email your (i) full name, (ii) job designation, (iii) company name, (iv) contact no. and (v) intake (all modules) / selected module(s) & class dates, as well as all the following documents, to be registered on our waiting list.

1. Highest qualification certificate (scanned copy); and
2. Updated Curriculum Vitae (indicating managerial experience & no. of direct reports); and
3. Complete organisational chart showing your current position


HR Graduate Certification      

This is a modular programme that is practice oriented and focused on equipping HR practitioners or business executives who have had formal training in OB/HR as a discipline in extending their knowledge in the following specific HR fields:

Mod 1: Talent Acquisition 10 – 11 Jan 201911   Fully Subscribed
    13 – 14 Jun 201912   Fully Subscribed
Mod 2: Learning & Development 19 – 20 Nov 201811   Fully Subscribed
    02 – 03 May 201812   Fully Subscribed
Mod 3: Talent Management & Succession Planning 04 – 05 Oct 201811   Fully Subscribed
    25 – 26 Apr 201912   Fully Subscribed
Mod 4: Rewards (Compensation & Benefits) 18 – 19 Feb 201911   Fully Subscribed
    06 – 07 Aug 201912   Fully Subscribed
Mod 5: Performance Evaluation & Management 03 – 04 Dec 201811   Fully Subscribed
    03 – 04 Jul 201912   Fully Subscribed
Mod 6: Strategic HR 21 – 22 Mar 201911 Fully Subscribed
    02 – 03 Sep 201912   Fully Subscribed

(Superscript shows the intake no. e.g. YYYY12 stands for intake 12)

Waiting List: From time to time, seats in current or upcoming intakes may be opened up. Please email your (i) full name, (ii) job designation, (iii) company name, (iv) contact no. and (v) intake (all modules) / selected module(s) & class dates, as well as all the following documents, to be registered on our waiting list.

1. Degree certificate (scanned copy); and
2. Updated Curriculum Vitae (indicating HR work experience)   



Professionals Management Toolkit Series

Achieving Mastery and Success Through Growth Mindset          

A programme ideal for all professionals who are familiar with change and management concepts and are keen to further pursue a growth mindset and enhance the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn in a myriad of situations so as to acquire mastery and success in their chosen profession or area of interest.

Intake 1 Class Dates: 16 – 17 Jul, 24 – 25 Sep 2018     Confirmed to Commence                                                                                                                                                
Intake 2 Class Dates: 01 – 02 Apr, 03 – 04 Jun 2019 Confirmed to Commence


Unlocking Maximum Performance - Business Creativity & Global Mindset      

The World Economic Forum has identified Creativity as the "Next Big Thing for Business". As Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other technologies gradually replace workplace inefficiencies and improve productivity and customer experience with automatic automation that requires minimal human intervention, find out what businesses and professionals can do to equip themselves to stay relevant and employable.

Intake 1: 14 Jan 2019   Fully Subscribed                                                 
Intake 2: 10 Sep 2019 Open for Registration Now


Blended Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age:  How to have it All        

In this digital and experience age, find out how businesses and professionals can create high-value interactions and profitable relationships with their customers through a new innovative framework.

Intake 1: 26 Mar 2019 4 Seats Left                                            


Personal Leadership and Business Success Series         

A modular programme designed to equip new managers with the essential skills to make better decisions, obtain buy-ins from stakeholders, create value for their customers and employees, as well as uncover new business opportunities for their organisations.

Mod 1: Personal Effectiveness 24 – 25 Jan 2019 (Intake 1)   3 Seats Left                                                                                             
    14 – 15 Oct 2019 (Intake 2)   Open for Registration Now 
Mod 2: Management Efficacy 12 – 13 Feb 2019 (Intake 1)   Confirmed to Commence   
    13 – 14 Aug 2019 (Intake 2) Open for Registration Now
Mod 3: Business Excellence 14 – 15 Mar 2019 (Intake 1)   6 Seats Left                     
    11 – 12 Sep 2019 (Intake 2)   Open for Registration Now


Business Implications of Blockchain Technology           

This intensive 1-day workshop aims to demystify what Blockchain is, its relation to cryptocurrencies and how you can use Blockchain technology as a sustainable competitive advantage.  Participants will experience the potential of what Blockchain is capable of, now and in the foreseeable future, as well as be able to identify business trends and applications for underserved or new markets that could be converted into beneficial opportunities with profitable outcomes.

Intake 1: 16 Aug 2018       Fully Subscribed                                                                                                               
Intake 2: 20 Feb 2019   1 Seat Left
Intake 3: 22 Aug 2019 Open for Registration Now


The Future of Work –  Harnessing the Limitless Potential of AI and IOT        

This programme is part of the Future of Work Series and provides a grounding in how science and technology have developed to enable the Internet of Things (IOT) and how information from physical devices can now be accumulated into rich insights for business decision making using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies to redefine customer value and opportunities.

Intake 1: 31 May 2018         Fully Subscribed                                                                                                              
Intake 2: 02 Nov 2018   Fully Subscribed      
Intake 3: 23 May 2019 Confirmed to Commence


The Future of Work –  Protecting Yourself Against Cyber Attacks        

This programme is part of the Future of Work Series and aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to protect their information assets as well as take pre-emptive actions to protect themselves against potential cyber threats by mitigating their security exposure.

Intake 1: 19 Oct 2018         Confirmed to Commence                                                                                    
Intake 2: 10 Jul 2019 Open for Registration Now


Finance Essentials for Business Success        

To be an all-round successful business professional, sound financial knowledge is essential. Cash flow, in particular, is the lifeline of any business. Upon completion of this highly intensive 1-day programme,  you will be able to think of your business / operations in financial terms and  equipped with the knowledge to identify the important financial levers that you can use to drive desirable business results.  The ability to understand and use financial information is thus, of paramount importance to business success.

Intake 2: 11 Sep 2018   Fully Subscribed
Intake 3: 13 Mar 2019 Fully Subscribed
Intake 4: 05 Sep 2019   Open for Registration Now                 


HR Analytics Certificate  Using Analytics to Improve People Decisions (Foundation Level)     

The application of talent analytics to enhance the value of companies is well recognised. However, the challenge faced by HR practitioners is i) knowing WHAT to analyse (to identify the kind of analyses that will help them make better people decisions) and ii) knowing HOW to analyse (to have the knowledge and be proficient in the use of analytical tools to undertake analytics). This intensive two-day programme aims to address the challenges outlined above, and equip the HR practitioners to be more competent and confident in making sense of data for enhanced people decisions.

Intake 10: 09 – 10 May 2019 Fully Subscribed 
Intake 11: 15 – 16 Aug 2019   Fully Subscribed 
Intake 12: 21 – 22 Nov 2019   Fully Subscribed                                                  


Waiting List: From time to time, seats in current or upcoming intakes may be opened up. Please email your (i) full name, (ii) job designation, (iii) company name, (iv) contact no. and (v) intake to be registered on our waiting list.


Certified HR Analytical Professional (Advanced Level)       

To fully leverage on the power of analytics for HR decision making, HR practitioners need to be equipped with the competency in order to undertake the work.  This 5-day programme, built on the HR Analytics Certificate: Using Analytics to Improve People Decisions (Foundation Level) programme, addresses this competency gap by enhancing the analytics skills of HR professionals at an advanced level.

Intake 1: 09 – 13 Apr 2018   Fully Subscribed                                                                                    
Intake 2: 19 – 23 Nov 2018   Fully Subscribed   
Intake 3: 08 – 12 Apr 2019 Confirmed to Commence
Intake 4: 21 – 25 Oct 2019   Open for Registration Now


Certified Analytical Professional (Advanced Level)        

To improve the quality of decisions made, business executives must know how to transform data into usable information to aid them in their decision making (from marketing, talent management to customer service etc). The 5-day Certified Analytical Professional programme aims to produce a breed of business executives who are competent in “decoding data” and unravelling the insights contained within.

Intake 1: 25 Feb – 01 Mar 2019   Fully Subscribed                                                                                                              
Intake 2: 24 – 28 Feb 2020 Open for Registration Now


Middle Managers’ Role in Strategy Implementation – The Lynchpin of Success      

You can have the greatest strategy in the world but if you cannot implement it, it is not worth the paper it is written on. While senior leaders are the mastermind of strategy, middle managers are the lynchpin of success in strategy implementation. It is said that the “devil is in the details”. Hence, it is extremely important that middle managers are able to tailor an execution plan which effectively supports the strategy. This programme is designed with the aim to enhance middle managers’ capabilities in translating strategy into actions.

Intake 6: 25 May 2018   Fully Subscribed                                                                                                    
Intake 7: 01 Nov 2018   Fully Subscribed
Intake 8: 08 May 2019 5 Seats Left


Advanced Communication Strategies: Using Strategic Persuasion To Get What You Want      

Think about the last time you tried to convince someone to support you, buy your new product or invest in your business idea. Were you successful? Did you get the outcome you wanted? Were you having difficulties?  Whether you are an executive, a manager, a salesperson, a director or an entrepreneur, having the ability to connect with people easily and quickly, communicate your thoughts clearly, as well as influence and persuade others will help you get further in your professional and personal life.  Join us in this programme and acquire advanced communication techniques that have benefitted politicians, celebrities and professionals around the world to win the hearts and minds of people.

Intake 9: 29 – 30 Nov 2018   Fully Subscribed                                                               
Intake 10: 23 – 24 Apr 2019 Fully Subscribed
Intake 11: 07 – 08 Nov 2019   Open for Registration Now     



Industry Programmes

SMU-SingHealth Graduate Diploma in Healthcare Management and Leadership (GDHM)      

The first and only programme of its kind in Singapore, the SMU–SingHealth GDHM aims to nurture highly competent and focused healthcare professionals into holistic and broadminded business leaders in the healthcare sector. The programme was conceptualised and co-designed by senior leaders from SMU and SingHealth.

Mod 1: Strategy & Global Healthcare Landscape 15 – 18 Jul 2019 Open for Registration Now                                       
Mod 2: Leadership & People Management 05 – 08 Aug 2019   Open for Registration Now
Mod 3: Aligning Healthcare Strategy & Customer Value Delivery 26 – 29 Aug 2019   Open for Registration Now
Mod 4: Health Economics & Financial Management  16 – 19 Sep 2019   Open for Registration Now
Mod 5: Operations Excellence & Quality Management 07 – 10 Oct 2019   Open for Registration Now
Mod 6: Ethics, Risk, Crisis & Media Management 29 Oct – 01 Nov 2019   Open for Registration Now                    


BCA-SMU-SSG Advanced Management Programme on Productivity and Leadership Development      

The BCA-SMU-SSG Advanced Management Programme on Productivity and Leadership Development is a flagship programme tailored for the built environment industry. It aims to provide participants with a broader strategic vision of the construction business environment at a time when the industry is experiencing growing complexities and increased competitiveness. Drawing on the rich experience of industry leaders, this programme is part of BCA’s Built Environment Strategic Leadership Development initiative to develop a quality workforce which would anchor and advance the built environment industry.

Mod 1: Strategic Planning – Growth & Internationalisation 24 – 25 Mar 2017   Closed
Mod 2: Enterprise Risk Management & Crisis Management 31 Mar – 01 Apr 2017   Closed
Mod 3: Successful Business Management & Key Account Management  07 – 08 Apr 2017   Closed
Mod 4: Finance for Decision Making & Control 28 – 29 Apr 2017   Closed
Mod 5: Legal Issues  05 May 2017   Closed
Mod 6: Driving Change & Opportunities in Building Innovations & Productivity   06 May 2017   Closed
Mod 7: Managing Professional Work Relationships & Cross Cultural Management 12 – 13 May 2017   Closed


SMU-IE Singapore Business Growth and International HRM Masterclasses 2016      

Especially designed for Singapore's growth enterprises, the suite of 3 Masterclasses aim to accelerate local business leaders and HR professionals' understanding of international human capital management to drive their organisations’ overseas growth. Case studies and leading industry practices will be shared. Highlights of what work in China and Indonesia in terms of good international HRM practices would also be discussed. Each Masterclass will be led by a subject matter expert with a panel of industry veterans to provide real world insights and applications.  Join us to find out how international business growth can be achieved through the right people decisions!

Masterclass 1: Global Trends that are Shaping the People Agenda 28 Jan 2016   Closed
Masterclass 2: International Mobility Management 29 Feb 2016   Closed
Masterclass 3: Global Rewards Strategy 19 Aug 2016   Closed                             



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